Welcome to Persist Fitness! The Signature Assessment is our opportunity to learn where you’ve been, where you are and where you would like to be in terms of your fitness. We listen to your goals, discuss health-related concerns and your experience with exercise and the gym. Baseline observations are recorded, such as mobility, movement, body circumference/weight/pictures as well as qualitative lifestyle questions. This meeting establishes a clear understanding of your health goals, expectations between you and Sarah, and ideal tasks outside of the training session. Every Persist Fitness client will gain access to the Trainerize app, which will help us communicate, track progress and provide holistic support to help you reach your goals.


We have the perfect training options to fit your lifestyle!

As part of your Persist Fitness subscription, you will receive:

  • In-Person/Online Training based on your package
  • Full access to the Trainerize app and habit/nutrition support (coaching also available)
  • Access to Prevail Strength x Movement for an additional day of programming written by Sarah
  • 10% off all Prevail Strength x Movement clinics

Strength in Numbers: Semi-Private Personal Training

25 minute 2x/week-> $290/month – WAITLIST

50 minute 2x/week->$440/month

25 minute 3x/week-> $430/month- WAITLIST

50 minute 3x/week-> $550/month

One on One, Private Training

25 minute 2x/week-> $520/month

25 minute 3x/week–> $650/month- WAITLIST

Women’s Barbell Training Group

2x/week, 40 minute in-person or Zoom classes-> $200/month

PRESS ON Digital Personal Training

2x/week 30 minute strength and cardio programming-> $150/month

Persist Lifestyle: Nutrition and Habit Coaching.

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