GET STRONG//Women’s Barbell Training Group

$200.00 / month

2x/week, 40-minute in-person classes- $200/month



2x/week, 40-minute in-person classes- $200/month

+ 2x/week, 40 minute, full body, womens’ strength training crew
     + 1x/week option for self-led workout via our app, Trainerize, during Sarah- supervised Persist Plus gym hours
     + Persist Plus are 20+ hours/week where the facility is open to you with the invitation to come and move! Sarah will be there to supervise. The workout will be delivered through the Trainerize app, rather than in-person.
+ Quarterly BENCHMARKS Community event where we go through strength, fitness and mobility assessments together. Your results are tracked in your Trainerize app


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